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Heron House

Our residential home—“Heron House”—is located in Cornelius, Oregon where our focus is on behavioral, physical and cognitive rehabilitation. We provide both long-term and short-term residential services to the brain injured adult.  The well trained, dedicated and empathetic staff plays a big part in the success we have had in working with even very challenging behaviors.


  • 5 private rooms—each with ½ bath
  • Therapy and exercise room
  • All facility rooms and back patio are wheelchair accessible
  • Easy access to public transportation
  • Property borders wildlife wetland
  • Resident accessible planting boxes


Our services are person-centered and we use both restorative and compensatory training to improve the individual’s ability to function in all aspects of family and community life. Our services are oriented toward community re-integration and independence and are designed to give our clients the advantages and opportunities which can only be found in an individualized and stimulating environment.  Each person’s individualized program is coordinated with our professional alliance team.

Because we believe the whole body plays a part in the healing process, recreational and physical activities at home and in the community are an important part of our program.  We offer fun recreational activities as part of the rehabilitation process, utilizing river rafting, fishing, a walk in a park, a visit to a farmers market, attending car races and many other outdoor opportunities geared to the interests and ability of the resident.

Basic Services

  • 24 hour awake staff with 1-1 staffing available
  • Low client to staff ratios designed to optimize attention to individuals
  • Rehab for the resident with physical, cognitive & behavioral needs
  • Rehab for the resident with physical, cognitive & behavioral needs
  • Individually designed behavioral intervention programs
  • Individualized community outings
  • Family education, when requested
  • Home therapy program assistance
  • Medical visit accompaniment

Enhanced Services

  • One on one staffing for temporary behavioral, physical assistance, or safety concerns
  • Additional required staff on outings or additional supervision due to combative behavior
  • Behavioral issues requiring additional time due to behavior contracts, nighttime monitoring
  • Consultation and therapies provided by recognized occupational, physical and speech therapists familiar with brain injured patients

Transportation Services

  • Arranged for clients by staff
  • Transportation is either by Homeward Bound staff or locally contracted transportation
  • Encourage guided independence with Tri-Met transportation training services if appropriate

Life Skills

  • ADL (Activities of Daily Living)
  • Routine Personal Home Skills
  • Consumer Skills
  • Money management

Cognitive Training

  • Time management
  • Medicine Management
  • Use of Computer
  • Social Skills
  • Behavior Management
  • Pre-vocational Training

Health Maintenance/Follow Through

  • Promote Follow Through Of Physicians Orders and Therapists Home Programs

Leisure Skills

  • Indoor/Outdoor Activities
  • Encourage Brainstorming for Activities
  • Activities may include Movies, Art, Games, Beach Trips and River Rafting

Safety Training

  • Street and Parking lot Safety
  • Fire and Emergency Safety
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Urban and Rural Community Safety